Introducing CI LifeCycle Portfolios

CI LifeCycle Portfolios are sophisticated multi-asset class, multi-manager target date retirement funds offered exclusively by CI Institutional Asset Management as an option for pension plan sponsors and members.

Each of the ten funds combines the portfolio construction and currency management expertise of CI Investment Consulting, the skill of CI's portfolio managers and, for access to non-core asset classes, exchange-traded funds.

CI LifeCycle Portfolios draw on the asset allocation and non-linear glide path leadership of State Street Global Advisors (SSGA). State Street Global Advisors' ongoing comprehensive asset allocation and glide path research and recommendations are critical underpinnings of the program. SSGA, a global leader in institutional asset management, has more than US$2.4 trillion in assets under management.

CI Investment Consulting's philosophy of portfolio construction is driven by the belief that while asset allocations should be strategic, they need to be reviewed and adjusted as needed to capture maximum return for a given level of risk. This approach recognizes that investment opportunities and risks change over time. Also, each asset class should be diversified by style so that returns are not dependent on one investment approach. Finally, funds and their portfolio managers should be selected because they are the best suited for that asset class style.